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Our goal is to utilize natural resources to create a clean water option for consumption and survival. With the world’s access to clean water becoming an issue, We are looking for new ways to supply the population with clean, drinkable water on different scales. Providing opportunities on a large scale for individual homes and companies and on an individual level, by creating a backpack attachment for on the go purposes.

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Our company brings a new element to the table that many other water filters systems are missing out on: Snow. Moving past using only water opens up many new avenues for mountain climbers, backwater hikers, people inhabiting arctic territory or anyone living in an area with snowfall. We can start making a lifestyle change for the better of our planet and mankind.


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Clean water is quickly becoming the world’s most valuable resource. There is an estimated 750 million people worldwide without access to clean water, that is almost 2.5 times the population of the entire United States. The lack of clean water and hygiene kills about 842,000 people every year globally. Which means as we sit around and waste our clean water flushing toilets and watering plants, there are approximately 2,300 people dying per day. It’s time for a change.

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We are lucky enough to live in a time where there is running water at our fingertips just about anywhere we look, but not everyone is that lucky. Women and children around the world spend about 140 million hours a day collecting water to drink and survive. Even with all that time invested in water collection, there is a child that dies every minute due to a water related disease. They are the unfortunate one in nine people across the world without access to clean water, while the rest of us waste the majority of our clean water flushing toilets and showering.

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  • 750 million people worldwide without access to clean water.

  • That is 1 in 9 people around the world that lack access to safe water.

  • Over 840,000 people die every year from a water related disease.

  • 2,300 people are killed daily due to a lack of clean drinking water.

  • There is an estimated 113 trillion gallons of snow and rain that falls annually in America alone.


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Our vast product line we have developed will have a tap for anyone out there. If your looking for an individual way to waste less clean water we have the BottleTap for you, or if your a company executive you can invest in the RoofTap for your building and greatly reduce your water waste and costs. There's an option for everyone.

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Our water purifying systems help people, homes and companies to reduce their water waste. The opportunity to create a natural clean water source and reduce your water waste is something we should all strive to do in today's society.

Outdoors: For people who are active and on the go, there is a mobile outdoor SnowTap. It's a backpack attachment that you can fill with snow or water which will melt and purify into clean drinking water for on the go purposes.

  • The outdoors SnowTap can be attached to your backpack for water filtration on the go, or can be hung up at a base camp to filter as you rest.

  • Snow packed into the Outdoors SnowTap is melted by self-regulated heating elements embedded between weatherproof material.

  • Melted snow passes through a mesh filter to get rid of larger particles and advances to UV lights to purify the water into clean drinking water.

  • Solar panels take in sunlight to charge the battery pack inbetween layers to prevent water damage. The battery powers the heating elements and UV lights as you travel.

  • If there is no sunlight to fuel the battery pack, there is a hand crank charger included. The handcrank charger also has a solar panel that can be used to charge a secondary battery as you travel.

  • Once there is a sufficient amount of water, you can insert your flexible WaterTap bottle nozzle into the spout and the water will flow in without using any hoses to prevent freezing and cracking.

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Home: For homes there is a rooftop installation to collect snow and rainfall. This accumulation of precipitation melts down into a collection tank to be purified. The resevoir can be used anywhere throughout the house to reduce their water waste and costs.

  • Just like the back window of your car, our HomeTap has heating elements running through it to prevent snow from freezing and building up.

  • After melting, the snow runs down a pipeline and passes through a particle filter into a collection tank to be purified.

  • After being purified, the water is available to be used throughout the home for drinking, showering, washing clothes or any water-related purpose.

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Company: Similar to homes, we offer a larger rooftop installation to collect precipitation to be used throughout the building. This is a great opportunity for the companies looking to go green and lessen their eco-footprint.

  • We offer multiple sizes of installations for varying sizes of buildings.

  • For larger buildings, we install RoofTaps facing multiple directions to ensure the maximum amount of precipitation is collected.

  • The collected water can be used as greywater, which is water that is not for consumption. Greywater is used in bathrooms, lawncare, washing machines and many other purposes.



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Our water purifying systems help people, homes and companies to reduce their water waste, but they also contribute to a larger cause. The systems track the amount of clean water generated and pledge that for every gallon of clean water created, we will match it and donate water to countries in need. Using SnowTap will not only change your life, but the lives of the men, women and children around the world struggling without clean water.

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SnowTap is one of the many organizations out there trying to make a difference. By using SnowTap’s water purifying systems you reduce your waste of water while contributing to the donation of clean water to those around the world who truly need it. If you decide not to join SnowTap’s movement, make changes in your home and daily routines. Buy water conserving toilets, showers and washing machines. Take shorter showers, water your lawn less, don’t run the faucet while you shave or brush your teeth. Start making changes for the greater good.